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Welcome to iRaiser Auctions

We set out to create another excellent way to raise funds for your event or organization and the fruit of that effort is iRaiser Auctions!

With every passing year both the need and the difficulty of fundraising for your event or organization grows. That's where we step in! By providing an amazing opportunity to put all or some of your donated auction items online you give current patrons a great way to support you and also open the door to new patrons if you so choose.

The best thing about iRaiser Auctions is that we don't charge you a thing until something you auction is won! That's right, it won't cost you anything but some time to put items up for auction with iRaiser Auctions and there are no fees until the auction ends!

Benefits of an iRaiser Auction:
  • 24/7 bidding that YOU control
  • No fees until after sale
  • Manage your account from anywhere on the go with our mobile friendly site
  • Limit bidders to just your organization members or open it to everyone
  • Flexible payment options

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